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Buying Gold Engagement Rings Under The Budget

Proposing to your significant other is a momentous occasion in your life. You want everything to be perfect from the day, place, and ring. Even though it is an exciting proposition, the perfection demands an exquisite ring, which costs a lot. Why spend on a ring that can eat up 2-3 times your salary? In the end, it is all about commemorating the love and commitment you have for them. Keeping this thought in mind, we present a simple guideline to get you started to buy gold engagement rings.

Best Tips to Buy Gold Engagement Rings

Following are some quick tips to achieve your task of not breaking the bank:

Fix the Budget – You know how much you can spend. Don’t go overboard and buy within your fixed budget. The best way is to search for an engagement ring online and get the best prices. Buying online is always cheaper than from a physical store.

Reliability is the Key – Ask around your friends and family for reliable stores yet, offer great discounts on gold engagement rings.

Comparison – Never settle for the first gold ring you see. Always compare at least 2-3 places and settle for the one that best fits your choice and budget.

Independent and Small Businesses – Don’t follow the trends of the masses and go for individual jewellers or small or relatively local jewellers that have made their name. Big brands charge you for their popularity. Stay away from them if you want to save.

Splitting Cost – Seeking you can achieve perfection if you discuss with your partner and split the cost. By dividing, you can buy a gold ring outside your budget, and your love will be happy.

Used Rings – Buying cheaper isn’t bad; someone sold their ring because of their need. Many jewellers who buy these already have them cleaned and washed. They look good as new, and you will save a lot but get a much better ring for your budget.

Best Priced Rings

Following are some great savers when looking for gold wedding rings Malaysia online.

Infinity Ring – What says a long and prosperous relationship than an infinity ring? This beautiful infinity styled gold ring with a crystal infinity sign is one of the best gold rings for bride

Intricate Gold Ring Plain – A great ring designed perfectly to be a focal piece enhancing your soft and timid wrist. 

Gold Engagement Band – A beautiful and sophisticated ring band that you can both wear as a pair for your engagement ceremony.

Heart Shape Gold Ring – Another great choice to show your love and commitment where the focal piece is in the shape of a heart with a focal stone set in the centre.

The purpose of proposing a gold engagement ring is to commemorate your love for your significant other, not flaunt your riches. You can save money to buy other things like a vacation for you both or save for the wedding in the future instead of spending big on one ring. It is no shame to consider your expenses in life to save for a rainy day.


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