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Ready to propose to the love of your life? Have you narrowed down the design choice and price for your ultimate ring? If not, or if you are near finalizing, let MS jewels help you make the perfect engagement ring. But before that, you need to know what you should consider making an ideal combination of an engagement ring.

What Style Signifies Your Relationship

When defining your style, the following are some engagement MS Jewels diamond rings you should consider.

Solitaire Style

A popular style with people as it focuses on a centrepiece while the rest of the ring is kept relatively simple. However, an intricate design is never a bad option.

Side Stone Style

This style allows for perpetual sparkle as many smaller diamonds are embedded on the shoulders of the rings, going away from the centrepiece diamond in this amazing MS Jewels engagement ring. These smaller diamonds combined with the centrepiece allow them to look singular and much more significant, but they shine together more.

Halo Style

Don’t mistake it for the side stone style where the smaller diamonds are on the shoulders of the ring. This style will embed smaller diamond stones around the centrepiece diamond, making it look like a halo, especially when it shines.

Trilogy Style

Why have one centrepiece diamond when you can have not just two but a whopping three on your engagement ring? The trilogy style is for those that love to be the centre of attention and for spouses that want to show utmost love and affection.

Coloured Gem Style

While some love diamonds, others want more colour and shine in their lives, while some mix and match with diamonds. You can add gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and granites to your engagement ring design. 

The Setting Holds the Diamond High

After choosing the diamond style, you next need to clarify what sort of setting style or band style you want. Most want the simplistic design to showcase their diamond, while others want more class and spice to their engagement rings.

Classic – Used with the solitaire style with a four-prong hold. This promotes the diamond more.

Twist – slightly twists and turns near the prong making a subtle silhouette to change the standard style.

Crossover – This style doesn’t have joined band ends but instead is twisted in fashion to hold the diamond or the gem in between.

Customize Your Ring with MS Jewelers

The expert jewellers at MS Jewels can help you decide what you want. On our website or when you communicate with our representatives, they will tell you all of the different options. The experts will guide you each step of the way. You can also follow the steps on the website to keep your style fresh and the price under check.

The expert diamond jewellers at MS Jewels can help you customise your ring based on your budget & design. Our artisans are experts in their field, their passion drives the ring-making to perfection.

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