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Gold is one of the most sought-after commodities, not just as a gift to your spouse or loved one but also as an investment to secure your hard-earned money. Gold is an excellent investment because of its price stability, making it a precious metal.

Gold jewellery is not just a show of love to your spouse and loved ones and a great gift, but it is also a significant and secure investment that you can always sell when you require cash. It hurts when something starts losing value and you have invested a lot in it. We are here to help you keep your gold jewellery clear, beautiful, and in pristine condition.

Today, we will discuss why gold tarnishes and how to care for all of your gold bracelet & necklaces.

Gold Jewellery Does Tarnish Sometimes

Pure gold doesn’t tarnish as it is one of the most non-reactive metals and doesn’t even react with oxygen as most other common metals do, so you shouldn’t be worried about your 916 gold necklace. The prime reason it does tarnish is when mixed with other metals that can react with oxygen or tiny minuscule pores in the gold.

What Can be Done When There is Discoloration in Gold Jewellery?

If you see the shine of your gold jewellery reducing or observe your gold getting a slightly darker surface, you should know it has started tarnishing. In these cases, you can clean your gold with dishwashing liquid clean of phosphate and without warm water. You can then gently wipe away the surface discoloration. We recommend using 100% cotton to dry your rings after cleaning. You can even leave them to dry, but this may be more time consuming.

How Can Gold Jewellery  be Prevented From Getting Tarnished?

Following are essential steps to prevent your gold jewellery from tarnishing and increasing its life after buying from a renowned seller like MS jewels:

  • Remove your jewellery when washing your hands or taking a shower. Soaps tend to leave chemicals not good for gold and can cause harder discoloration over a long period.
  • Put your jewellery in a box covered in dry paper or tissue so they don’t rub against each other and scratch the surface. You can place a silica gel packet to remove any moisture.
  • Don’t allow your jewellery to stay wet for longer durations.

The Bottom Line: Everything, Including Gold, Has A Solution!

Taking care of your valuables is critical to caring for things you love and enjoy. Gold jewelry isn’t like clothes we wear and, being quite expensive, needs taking care of for longer life. You never know when you might need some money and sell your gold. Taking care of the jewelry you bought from a gold shop online is an easy task if you know what to do, and keep using them more if you know how to.

Do reach out to our team if you need any help!


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